About Me

My popular Internet name is PyroStrex. I was born in 1993. I started in programming since the age of 9 years old. For about 8 years I've been experiencing programming. My first language is Visual Basic 6.0. I like to do coding because it's fun learning programming. It was sad because the only thing I  love the most but I can't do it is Game Development. Anyway, since the past 8 years, I've been doing a lot projects and samples for people to learn something from it. I love to share knowledge.

I can say that, the reason I started this website in the first place was for me to dump in all my codes that i post in a specific place or forums or etc. I know my code was not too good but I know many of programmers out there who will ask the same question as me. So, I dumped all my codes here for future generation if they were to ask the same question as me.

I don't know if I'm popular or not but i think i should keep in a low status. There's no need for me to get myself popular because i don't really like being a popular boy. Many people said to all my creation that i do a great job and they hope for more. But i don't know if they were really mean it because i don't like to get myself too exited until i forgot about one of my software motto which is :
Simple yet effective software.
So, to all who viewed and read this article, Thank you for reading a bit about my life. I don't know what to write. So i just write this thing down heheh~. Lastly, feel free to visit this website anytime, post any comments, you can use any of my codes without my permissions (Remember! DO NOT USE IT FOR BAD STUFF). I Hoped that you'll get some good knowledge from this website.