What is Recil?

Recil is one my project for RAN Online Development in RageZone. It is a software that helps RAN Private Server to achieve points that itself cannot achieve. It is kinda an improvement for the current RAN Private Server. It can also be called as the re-invention of my "RAN IP Interceptor".

Recil Stands for?

Recil stands for RAN Online Server Packets Filterer.

Recil ToDo List


Bold Green : Finished.
Bold Dark Yellowish : Partial Finished.
Default Color : Not yet started.
  • Complete GUI
    • Tray Icon Support
  • Bad Packets Filterer
    • Filter Bad Packets
    • Read the Packet configuration based on Last Modified Time.
      (19 September 2010)
    • This can be changed by the users through the GUI or manually.
  • Configuration
    • General Configuration
      • WAN IP Address Configuration (Can use DNS as alternative)
        (24 September 2010)
      • Multiple Field Server Support
        (24 September 2010)
      • Multiple Agent Server Support (Thanks to Matthy Velarde)
        (24 September 2010)
    • Multiple Bad Packets System.
      • Users can add / remove / edit the Packets from GUI.
      • The Configuration is different than the main configuration (packets.ini).
      • The list is saperated by "newline" or "enter"
  • LAN IP To WAN IP Interception
    • This can be changed by the users through the GUI or manually.
    • Change Server LAN IP to Server WAN IP
      (25 September 2010)
    • Server LAN IP remain unchanged for Listed LAN Clients
    • Static IP Support.
      (25 September 2010)
    • Dynamic IP Support. (GUI)
  • Multiple Episode Support
    • This can be changed by the users through the GUI or manually.
    • Episode 6 Season 2
    • Episode 6 Season 1
    • Episode 4
  • Autoban Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Logging
    • Enable/Disable Logging Option in GUI
    • Log everything such as, connection, packets etc when needed
    • Log all bad packets related information.
      • IP Address of Packet Sender
      • Bad Packets Sent
      • Time Bad Packets Sent
    • Log in .HTML format

Recil Updates

[UPDATE 2010/12/24]: 
  • Do the logging system which is one of the hardest to do. This consist both html + css design and scripting at the same time. May take a while for this to completely finish.
  • Beginning to add the method to start and stop Recil.
  • Recil project become much slower because I need to take care some other project that have a deadline. I hate deadline.
[UPDATE 2010/12/12]:
  • Added Recil GUI Start button.
  • Currently code randomly to fix many errors that would occur inside the GUI.
  • Load setting procedure finished.
  • Recil InputBox filtered to only accept A ~ B, 0 ~ 9, backspace and enter.
  • Added perfection to Recil GUi Design.
  • Much more stuff which I can't remember.
[UPDATE 2010/12/11]:
  • Working on the GUI Design and GUI Features
  • Currently Recil requires these three files "recil.cfg", "recil-badpackets.cfg" and "recil-lanclients.cfg". I didn't have to explain this since it is already too self-explained.
  • PureBasic InputBox is too dumb. I have to create a new one. This took a lot of time and I only finished partial of it.
  • GUI can now load list of bad packets and list of lan clients from the configuration file.
[UPDATE 2010/09/25]:
  • Added a way to stop Recil when users want to.
  • Added some more error detection and handler to Recil to make it avoid much more error that would likely occur if the users use a wrong configuration.
  • Added "WANIPAddress" and "LANIPAddress" into the configuration file to support IP Interception.
  • Added mixing features to Recil Project Page.
[UPDATE 2010/09/24]:
  • Currently working on the IP Address related features.
  • Change many stuff inside the code to make adding features in the future easier.
  • Update the Recil Project Page.


    Software Designer and Programmer



    Code Red

    Beta Testers

    Code Red


    the_eliter (IP Interception Support for Multiple Agent Server)

    From RII Development

    foxconn (RII Beta Tester)
    Russhimi (RII Beta Tester and currently no longer a RageZoner)
    siekelran (Detect Episode 4 Failure)
    jericogarcia (Tray Icon Support)


    To everyone else who support this project and to everyone who are still using my RAN IP Interceptor software until today. For me, it was really fun developing this project because of you all. Thank you very much to all of you.


    1. Thanks. I'm currently developing it with a much more easier interface than before. It is currently in slow development though. I have many things to do with my life. Hope RII fans can wait until this software release.

      To all other who are reading this page. Please post your comments about this project. Don't be shy!. Just ask me anything. You can even post what features you want me to include in the future.

    2. Cheers... Nice job bro... Waiting for this...

    3. I can't wait for it! ^__^ BrightLight777 here!

      GO go go!!! Pyrostrex! More Power!

    4. Very Nice Project dude keep it up and god bless to you more power dude :)

    5. Goodluck bro, :) I'm using your Ran Interceptor for almost 1years laaahh until now :) Hihi very thanks to you i hope, more projects to come and!! Always be Blessed ^_^

    6. can this prevent from sending bad packets on my server and crash my server? please reply asap. thank you guys. cant really wait this new development.

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    9. Hello ,my friend ,I need this "RAN IP Interceptor"'s source code for my game,
      how could i get it?
      please contact me,email :