Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The End of RAN Online Client Launcher Source Code

Ughh, Arghh, Ighh, Oghh, If I can really scream, I really would like to scream now because of what happened during my backup yesterday. I got really carried away and suddenly while talking to philax (RageZone ID), He then reminded me back about my RAN Online Client Launcher which is still under development and I totally forgot about it (My bad). Then I tried to find the source code in all my backup folders until... I realized that I have accidentally deleted the whole RAN Related files and this is where I put all my RAN Related Project source code including the source code for this development! (Thank god Recil development was not there)

It is a burden for me to re-code the whole thing again but what can I do if it is because of my own mistakes right?. So, I just wanna say here that, I will not stop developing RAN Online Client Launcher even though I've already accidentally deleted the source code for it. But I wanna tell you guys that I need some time to re-research the whole things again and because of my current Recil project, I will halt this project until my Recil project finished.

Even though I know that many of you has currently telling yourself that RAN Online Client Launcher which i promised to you all before is already dead. But the fact is, I'm still searching the way to finish it and until then... Hope you all have a good day with the current issues in RAN Server.

Owh, and somehow, I also wanna change that really long name to Ranoc from now on.

DLL Injection in PureBasic

API Injection will never going to be fun without the way on how to insert it in a DLL and then inject the DLL into the process you wanna try. So, here is an example of code which you can use it to inject your DLL in PureBasic. It's fun! You should try it out!.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Function Hooking in PureBasic

This is one of the topic that most of you will found it interesting to read. This time, I shared one of my latest achievement while using PureBasic. The Function Hooking method. Some of you might also called it as "API Hooking method". It can hook many of simple Windows API procedure for example:
  • Winsock Function.
    This is the most fun function that people is trying to hook all the time.
  • MessageBoxA.
    Perhaps you wanna try the code?
  • Many more others that have the same function header like the functions above.
Currently, my method only supports Inline Hooking but who knows I might added some more features soon.

PureBasic is Really Fun!

I've been using PureBasic lately and I just wanna tell you guys. It is really fun to use PureBasic as your software compiler. The reason behind this is because PureBasic directly convert your codes into ASM language which is making your software portable at any place.

On top of that, PureBasic supports multpile Operating System. This is really great because I as a programmer doesn't need to study 100% C or C++ to being able to program a software (even though I've already studied them).

PureBasic gives me the opportunity to program in a different and easy way. Just like the first time when I used Microsoft Visual Basic but MUCH MORE BETTER. The only problem I was facing before when I were using Microsoft Visual Basic is the portability. In this case, PureBasic win because with PureBasic, I don't need any Dynamic Link Library to run my finished software.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Recil Project Page

Many people out there maybe have been saying that I am dead. I am no longer exists. But here I am, still creating a new software which I called it Recil.

I've opened up the Recil Project page for all people from RageZone to see. Feel free to surf and see Recil's todo list which will be updated near the future. Also, please leave a comment about this project. Click here to see the project page or you can just use the link at the top. Thank you.

My own Way of Successfully Installing NodeJS in VPS

Today, I'm gonna show you all how I successfully installed NodeJS in a VPS I bought. Please leave a comment in the comment section below if you have any questions. I hoped that this post will help people who's gonna try NodeJS and can't find a way the exact way on installing it.

Easy File Reading, Writing and Appending In NodeJS

Recently, i was having trouble in reading, writing and appending file in NodeJS. I am just a beginner in NodeJS so i go wandering around in google searching for help. In the end, I ended up reading the NodeJS documentation and here goes.

File Reading

Firstly, what you need to do is create a new file called "file.js" anywhere you want which in my case is "/home/pyrostrex/file.js"

Secondly, you need to create a dummy file and name it "test.txt" in the same folder where your "file.js" is. Just add in any content would be good for this tutorial.

After that, you must require the filesystem.

var fs = require("fs");

Then, add in inside these lines of code below.

fs.readFile("test.txt', function(err, data){

That's it! Now you're done. Just run node file.js inside your terminal and you will see the result!

Reopen of PyroStrex in Blogspot

I don't know why but I've decided that i will be no longer maintaining pyrostrex.info as my project page but instead, I will use pyrostrex.blogspot.com as my project website. Maybe because I saw a great potential in using blogspot.com. So, from now on, this will be my new project page.