Thursday, March 29, 2012

PyroStrex's Mediafire Leecher

This is yet another program created by me originally for fun but well, since I think it's worth to share with you guys, here you go. Also, it was coded in PureBasic.


  • Generate downloadable link from mediafire. (duh!)
  • Process multiple links (One link per line)
  • Can process links such as:
    1.    http://..../...
    2.    http://..../...
    3.    http://..../...
    So it will support quoted links.
  • Thread was used to generate links so it will not clog up your processor.

Download Link :


  • This program was made just to play around with HTTP Request and help better understanding about the computer itself.
  • I will not be responsible for anything that might happened to you guys while using this program.
  • This program is free and can be downloaded freely from here. Do not pay for it.
  • This program does not contain any kind of virus inside (eg. keylogger, spyware), you can check it yourself by using your favorite software (eg. HTTP Debugger, SoftIce, Olldbg, Wireshark)

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