Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My First Step Towards Building My Own Game

Last time, I really interested in creating a private server for MapleStory but of course, I fall in love with Ghost Online after playing it for just a day. But sadly, Ghost Online has been closed due to lack of revenue they said. Sorry to say but for me, Ghost Online is a better game than MapleStory. Since then, I thought, why not I make my own platform game? So this is my first step toward building a game similar to Ghost Online. It is also the result of 4 days playing around with SFML 2.0.

Basic Gravity
Basic Jumping

I use a simple white rectangle as a temporary "sprite" for the character because I'm still waiting for proper sprites from Matsuo Amon.

It is actually really hard for me to build a game since Physics is kinda hard!. Not to mention that I lack of Math knowledge. I hate collision detection. Right now, I'm trying to find a way to build a floor system using collection of lines.

As always, if you feel like wanting to ask me anything, just leave a comment anywhere or email me if you shy haha.

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