Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The End of RAN Online Client Launcher Source Code

Ughh, Arghh, Ighh, Oghh, If I can really scream, I really would like to scream now because of what happened during my backup yesterday. I got really carried away and suddenly while talking to philax (RageZone ID), He then reminded me back about my RAN Online Client Launcher which is still under development and I totally forgot about it (My bad). Then I tried to find the source code in all my backup folders until... I realized that I have accidentally deleted the whole RAN Related files and this is where I put all my RAN Related Project source code including the source code for this development! (Thank god Recil development was not there)

It is a burden for me to re-code the whole thing again but what can I do if it is because of my own mistakes right?. So, I just wanna say here that, I will not stop developing RAN Online Client Launcher even though I've already accidentally deleted the source code for it. But I wanna tell you guys that I need some time to re-research the whole things again and because of my current Recil project, I will halt this project until my Recil project finished.

Even though I know that many of you has currently telling yourself that RAN Online Client Launcher which i promised to you all before is already dead. But the fact is, I'm still searching the way to finish it and until then... Hope you all have a good day with the current issues in RAN Server.

Owh, and somehow, I also wanna change that really long name to Ranoc from now on.

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